The Pacific Ocean, the largest and deepest ocean, covers about 30% of the earth’s total surface area and is reported to be larger than the entire land mass of our planet. Living in the northwestmost part of the United States, I live along its northern reaches, and any flight in a remotely westerly direction takes me right over the Pacific Ocean.

I have been fortunate to see this massive ocean in a variety of different places, along its vastness and from within the deep waters after diving in. I have seen as far south as the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula, and as far north as the Alaska coastline. In between, I’ve captured the ocean off the coast of Hawaii and along the Western border of the United States, including California, Oregon and Washington.

These photographs are just a very small taste of more work to come in the future. For now, enjoy the steely greys and infinite horizons of the Pacific Ocean, the vivid oranges of its sunsets and the pastels of its sunrises.

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