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Photo Credit: Mary Maletzke

Alex Bogaard

Capturing Life’s Unscripted Moments.

In my journey as a photographer, I find myself drawn to the ever-changing canvas of landscapes, where nature’s breathtaking beauty unfolds in constant evolution. Each scene, from the towering peaks of mountains to the shores of serene coastlines, acts as a stage for the story waiting to be shared through the lens of my camera.

For those who share my passion and are willing to embrace the challenges of seeking out remote locations, there lies a realm of pure enchantment waiting to be unveiled. These moments, often fleeting and rare, offer glimpses into nature’s raw magnificence – whether it’s an encounter with a wild animal, a dance of light and shadow, or an intimate interaction with the elements.

Video Credit: Max Israel

In my photographs, you’ll often find more than just scenery; you’ll find characters – whether they’re the living, breathing beings that roam the landscape or the elements of nature itself. These actors become integral to the authenticity of the stories I strive to tell, infusing each image with depth, emotion, and a sense of narrative.

In a world where digital manipulation is prevalent, I strive for authenticity in my work. I believe that the true magic lies in capturing genuine moments in time, where both the scene and the actors are real. Many amazing pictures that flood the market and social media are entirely digitally created. While beautiful in their own way, knowing they are AI-created takes the magic out of the pictures – at least for me. Of course, this is a purely personal opinion, and mine is likely fueled by my passion and determination to capture a perfect moment in time; to tell a story. My work is authentic; both the scene and the actor(s) were really there. Their story is real. Hence the abysmally low success rate.


Photo Credit: Max Israel

My name is Alex Bogaard, and I am a practicing photographer. I have been doing so for the last twenty or so years, often combining my practice with my love of traveling. While my home is in eastern Washington state, my work comes from places across our country and our globe. There are many places I have yet to see and many stories waiting to be revealed. I look forward to capturing and sharing these moments, these stories, with you.

Video Credit: Max Israel


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