The Method

Photo Credit: Sherpa Dawa Tenji

The Path Less


I love being off the beaten path. The further out from the crowds, the harder it is to get someplace, the more likely we are to see things that fall out of the ordinary. And in landscape and wildlife photography, that can come in pretty handy.

Clearly, there is much more complexity that comes from this mindset. The preparation needed to pick a location, to have an idea about the subject, to have the right equipment, to have the physical preparedness to be able to safely handle the environment, the nocturnal starts and ends, all combine to add multiple layers of challenge. And this is before the shutter is even depressed for the first time. It’s a process.

It is partly from this effort that the satisfaction in the photograph is derived. The rewards are admittedly few but sometimes the journey itself needs to be reward enough. If the right photograph comes out of that process, then all the better.

Video Credit: Max Israel

You Must be



Effort alone is not enough. There are many uncontrollable variables that come from the subject matter itself: Weather, light, cloud cover, presence of wildlife, cold, heat, wind, rain, altitude or simply not knowing when the moment will come or if it will come. All these add to what it means to practice landscape and wildlife photography. All one can do is to get out there and practice.

Video Credit: Mary Maletzke

Passion in the


You’d think that after all that it would be plain sailing. And, it’s not. The quality of the effort has to run through the entire process and so often we forget to run through the finish line. In this case, I am talking about the care and attention that needs to be applied to printing and mounting. I partner with the best in the trade in their print medium and work with folks I can talk to and stand next to as we go over the printing and mounting of what will become a piece of art on your wall. There is so much effort and time that has gone into getting the picture just right in camera, it amazes me how often the quality gets derailed during the printing process. Not here.


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